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Who we are

We aim to help build a Citizen Journalist movement of highly active and educated voters by encouraging, educating, empowering, & equipping conservative-minded people worldwide to engage in any of the platforms that best work for their needs. Journalism, campaigning, radio, video, public speaking, & entertainment. Simply, attending local board meetings at all levels to promote the whole & uncensored truths. We strive to change the power of cultural Marxism & Leftist Community Organizing we have seen destroy human liberty around the world with w/time-tested messaging, branding, & proven Public Relations techniques. We strive to change the current status of journalism by training citizen activists to grow in their activism with proven news writing techniques. We strive to assist passionate activists in the video & radio realms. We will help activists get started with tools like media connections, technical assistance, & fundraising opportunities to fully reach their sphere of influence w/their Conservative message through citizen media. We strive to help organize local citizens for Conservative public speakers & entertainers at events of their choosing. Citizen Media News will be very active for the 2024 election cycle. You will find us at Washington, DC, events and the National Convention in 2024.We are currently looking for partners who have something to share & need our assistance. Citizen Media News is not about Democrats or Republicans but does have a conservative flair.